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Italy in a day

locandina“Italy in a day” directed by Gabriele Salvatores, the 1991 foreign-language Oscar winner for Mediterraneo, is a project produced by Ridley Scott that edits together micro-moments in the lives of over 600 ordinary citizens, here all filmed on October 26th, 2013.

The material for this 84-minute endeavour was chosen from 632 videos that were themselves distilled from more than 2,200 hours of images submitted by over 40,000 people, as a panel explains at the start. Italy in a Day’s basic structure is provided by the passing hours, from midnight to midnight on the following day.

“The thousands of videos I received gave me the image of a

Italian film director Gabriele Salvatores

country that is suffering with dignity, and that is hopeful toward the future,” Salvatores said. “There is a sense of ‘tenderness’ toward life, toward humanity, which I found positive, as far as I’m concerned.”

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will be screened at select theatres throughout Italy on September 23.