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Laura is a native Italian speaker based in Cork since 2003. She trained professionally as a language teacher of French, English and Italian in her native Sicily. She has worked as an Italian and French teacher in Primary and Secondary schools in Cork. She also works as  an English as a second language teacher. She is a fully trained ICT and Modern Language Teaching Tutor, she has also worked as an Assistant Italian Lecturer in the Italian Department in UCC. She is  a freelance translator and interpreter. She is a very experienced Italian Oral and Written Leaving Certificate Examiner.           On a more personal level, she is very passionate about cooking and baking. She learnt her cooking skills from her “mamma” and“nonna”.  Her naturally vivacious personality and pure infectious enthusiasm for good quality food has led her to share her passion for cooking and become a cookery tutor, to host a variety of classes offering mouth –watering dishes and dispense helpful advice. Laura’s no-fuss style of cookery, her easy approach and easy to follow recipes along with her special emphasis on Sicilian cuisine leads to a winning combination…… ....with Laura cooking and learning is  always fun!

“Essere una mela marcia”


L’espressione idiomatica “essere una mela marcia” si usa per 13descrivere un elemento negativo, poco raccomandabile e controproducente all’interno di un gruppo; quando in un cesto di mele ce n’è una marcia, il resto potrebbe marcire, proprio perchè a contatto con la mela andata a male… “marcia” appunto.


Es: Non mi sorprende che sia finito in galera. È sempre stato una mela marcia == It doesn’t surprise me that he ended up in prison. He has always been a bad egg.