3 ottobre- Il giorno del silenzio e del ricordo


Today 3rd of October is “The day of remembrance and welcome for victims at sea”. The first celebration of the “Il giorno del silenzio e del ricordo” will take place in memory of the massacre at sea of 368 Eritrean migrants who drowned off the coast of the island of Lampedusa one year ago, in 2013. Ceremonies, initiatives, meetings and joint moments of narration and reflection on the tragedy are organised, to remember what happened and happens to those who are forced to flee from persecution to reach Europe and peace, at the risk to their own lives . A memory to be preserved so that events such as 3rd of October 2013 never happen again”.

Last year More than 23,000 people signed an online petition asking President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano and last year’s Prime Minister Enrico Letta to declare 3rd October a National Day of Remembrance for Migrants who have died in the Mediterranean Sea.

Oggi è il giorno del silenzio e del ricordo.


Un anno fa a Lampedusa, più di 300 donne, uomini e bambini morirono durante un naufragio nel tentativo di raggiungere un luogo sicuro. Oggi con il cuore siamo  a  Lampedusa per  ricordare queste vittime e continueremo a ricordarli ogni giorno chiedendo all’Europa di agire subito per evitare altre tragedie.

Questo è il programma della prima giornata della memoria e dell’accoglienza

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