Italy in a day

locandina“Italy in a day” directed by Gabriele Salvatores, the 1991 foreign-language Oscar winner for Mediterraneo, is a project produced by Ridley Scott that edits together micro-moments in the lives of over 600 ordinary citizens, here all filmed on October 26th, 2013.

The material for this 84-minute endeavour was chosen from 632 videos that were themselves distilled from more than 2,200 hours of images submitted by over 40,000 people, as a panel explains at the start. Italy in a Day’s basic structure is provided by the passing hours, from midnight to midnight on the following day.

“The thousands of videos I received gave me the image of a

Italian film director Gabriele Salvatores

country that is suffering with dignity, and that is hopeful toward the future,” Salvatores said. “There is a sense of ‘tenderness’ toward life, toward humanity, which I found positive, as far as I’m concerned.”

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will be screened at select theatres throughout Italy on September 23.


2 thoughts on “Italy in a day

  1. Very interesting, I’ve seen books based on this theme. But if you don’t know someone in it, then it’s just another glossy book of pictures. With film it’s easier to tell a story, and even from the short clip, it looks captivating.

    Will we get to see it in Cork?

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