50th Unesco World Heritage Site for the “Bel Paese”

  How many times, while enjoying a glass of Barolo, have  you said to yourself “Mmhm, this 10353360_658862444190011_7561249197781526071_owine is so divine that  it deserves a special prize!!”

Well… the Unesco committee must have heard you!

On the 22nd of June 2014, the wine landscapes of Langhe – Roero and Monferrato in Piedmont were just declared the newest Italian Unesco World Heritage site and now il Bel Paese can boast the most UNESCO recognitions in the world!


The Italian vineyard landscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato is considered “one of theBarbaresco most harmonious and most consistent with the ideal of a “scenic” rural and vineyard landscape” by the Unesco Committee. This land of ancient traditions and excellent wines is known throughout the world for the king of reds, Barolo and the uniqueness of the sweet bubbles of Asti.



For the extensive list of the Unesco sites in Italy click here





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